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How the NFL's New Bag Policy Will Affect You

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Once upon time you couldn't attend a game at Cowboys AT&T Stadium without seeing a bombshell bagsnob rocking a Birkin.   

hermes, birkin, green
Hermes Birkin

Attending a Thursday night affair at MetLife Stadium to watch the Giants?  Then you would see the entire Fall handbag line from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine and more.

No more, my fancy NFL-loving friends! (of which there are many, btw).

The league has instituted a new policy limiting the size of handbags and purses you can bring into ANY NFL stadium in effort make the games a safer experience.   

When going to a Cowboys game in Arlington, you can bring a clutch purse that is 5.5" "tall" by 8.5" "wide".  TIP: Use a folded piece of copy paper as a guide.  You can also bring a clear plastic tote bag or 1-gallon resealable bag.  Ugh. 

The Cowboys website offers a good infographic explaining what can be brought into AT&T Stadium.  The league has an extensive FAQ page on its site, as well

AT&T Stadium Handbag & Purse Policy
The policy is already drawing the ire of loyal fans.  

Jeannette DeVader told me on Facebook that her first run-in with the policy wasn't so great. 

Where Can You Score This Great Gucci Handbag (And More) At A Discount?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Check out this chic black leather Gucci bamboo handle tote bag.  It's a perfect work bag or shopping tote.  Heritage Auctions is offering it in its weekly Tuesday Internet Luxury Accessories Auction which includes other authenticated goodies from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

The current bid is $155.00.  The auction closes at 10pm CT on Tuesday March 12th.  Heritage charges a hefty 25% buyer's premium.  If you can score this for a few hundred bucks, I think it's a good buy.  This is a durable, versatile yet stylish bag you can carry everywhere.  Accessorize with a scarf to add a pop of color.

Dallas-based Heritage does this auction weekly.  It's becoming a player in the luxury accessories market.  It holds much larger live auctions offering amazing pieces a few times a year.

This Hermes Birkin sold for $122,500 at their November auction last year.  It also offers art, wine, movie posters, sports memorabilia and rare coins, the latter being the original focus of the company founded by Steve Ivy and Jim Halpern in 1976. 

Christian Louboutins, Hermes & Prada for Less!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rue La La's Christian Louboutin sale Thursday morning ignited a shopping bug across the sample sale world.  Not that I need another pair of red-soled beauties but any time these are discounted, it is worth inspection.  Most of the shoes in this sale were a sellout almost immediately.

I rarely buy shoes at full retail price and neither should you.  You can almost always get a great pair on sale.  I even found a pair of the uber-popular flaming Prada lovelies at the designer outlet in San Marcos for a few hundred dollars.  For more on my new favorite Texas store, read my previous review here.  

While I'm all for scoring designer merch on the cheap, I don't recommend buying shoes secondhand, unless they are brand spanking new.  You never know what kind of foot funk the previous owner had.

Perfect for giving your Sig O a swift kick

But when you find new shoes at the secondhand shops, go for it.  When I came across these gorgeous, never-worn Louboutins on Fashionphile, I had to share.

Full red-sole!

These are as ridiculous, fabulous and as "out there" as they come.  I think they are the perfect shoe for a prim and proper sheath dress.  What a way to add an unexpected surprise to an outfit.  They're "New Without Tags," size 39.5 and cost a steep $1195.

Anns Fabulous Finds wrap bracelet

I'm also loving this Hermes Rouge H Rivale wrap bracelet.  It's a great way to get that Hermes Collier de Chien look for less.  Those bracelets typically start around $1000 and go way north of that.  This one from Ann's Fabulous Finds is $500.

Cartier, Louis Vuitton & Hermes Goodies

Friday, February 22, 2013

I adore the beauty, design and craftsmanship of prestige luxury brands as much as the next girl.  But the prices that accompany those finds can be staggering.

Sure, you can walk into a store and buy a great handbag by paying the full retail price.  That's almost easy.

Searching for a great piece to add to your collection and then scoring it for a song is like making a game winning shot with no time left on the clock.  There is a "thrill of the hunt" aspect when it comes to shopping.  It's definitely a sport.

I also love browsing my favorite online consignment sites which guarantee a product's authenticity.  It's virtual window shopping.

Here are some of my latest crushes:

Hermes Biscuit Massai from Ann's Fabulous Finds.  Big slouchy bags are great.  They're perfect for work as they hold everything: iPad, notebooks, makeup bags, jumbo bottle of hairspray, sippy cups, diapers and more.  These bags retail north of $3,000.  The $2,200 price is still super steep but this is a great investment bag that will be stylish forever.

This Louis Vuitton box bag is impractical yet so fun.  Can't you just see a woman wearing an outlandish hat and carrying it to a polo match.  I love it.  It's $550 at new consignment site Vaunte.

Speaking of LV, this is quite the fun cuff bracelet from Fashionphile, one of my favorite sites.  They also have a great physical showroom in Beverly Hills staffed by some fun, friendly individuals.  I have never before seen this bracelet.  It's a beautiful, colorful piece for Spring and Summer that costs $550.

This 90cm Hermes Les Boxes scarf is just gorgeous!  The detail on the horses is spectacular.  You can differentiate a thoroughbred from an Arabian.  The color is stunning.  FD Luxe did a thorough job detailing the labor and care that goes into creating one of these masterpieces.  It's another offering from Fashionphile that will run you $295 well below the $410(!!) retail price.  Considering Hermes has recently raised the price on their 90cm scarves up from $385, my scarf collection has truly appreciated more than my 401k.

This bracelet is beyond a crush.  It has been my obsession.  I fell in love with this classic Cartier Love bracelet, also from Ann's Fabulous Finds, the day it was posted.  It was originally listed for $7,600 but they have since dropped the price to $7,250.  I made a super lowball offer on it at which they laughed.  Looks like this is my bijoux version of Hugh Jackman - something I will just lust at from afar.  It's a great investment piece for the lucky buyer and a piece of jewelry that can be appreciated for generations.

How to Score Luxury Goods for Less Featuring Prada & Valentino

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shopping is, without question, a sport.

There is nothing, NOTHING that gets my heart racing like a great bargain on a designer piece.  Really.  If I could make a fabulous living finding deals on gorgeous designer and vintage fashion and accessories, I'd be on it in a heartbeat.  Having said that, I love my day job and shopping is a wonderful diversion from it.  It's easy to walk into a store and pay the full retail price.  Why not make it more fun?  I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from hunting down a deal.

Thursday's New York Times has a fabulous feature that I feel was catered solely to me in the article "Follow the Bargain Hounds."  It features women who love the hunt of finding couture and designer fashion for less.  It's a gamble, it's a hunt and a game all rolled into one. 

New York style exec Tanmy Eckenswiller follows the exact same principle I do when scouring local stores.

"There was the mink-trimmed jacket from The Row, spotted at Zoë in Brooklyn last week, or the Tiffany blue cocoonlike Céline coat, marked at $2,730, a 40 percent discount. “This piece is a little beyond me,” Ms. Eckenswiller had to concede. Hardly fazed, she darted toward another corner of the store and discovered a candy pink Alexander McQueen cocktail frock tagged at $1,197. “I’ll follow this one,” she said, holding out for the next round of price drops — an additional discount of 20 percent."

I do the same thing.  I visit my favorite spots frequently and watch the prices drop.  I'm gambling on a Prada clutch at Neiman Marcus right now.   This is something I don't need but would be a wonderful addition to my collection. 

Some of my favorite places for luxe deals include all the Neiman Marcus Last Call locations, particularly the Grapevine Mills and San Marcos outlets.  I scored a gorgeous pony-haired YSL Muse bag at the Allen Last Call the day it open for $745 dollars but I haven't been able to find anything of that quality since.  I also like the Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue stores but only for shoes.  Their clothing and handbags just don't appeal to me that much.

YSL Muse bag from Last Call in Allen

Classic Accessory Must-Haves...Not for Those Light in the Wallet.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York magazine's The Cut blog had an interesting chat with Harper's Bazaar accessories director Ana Maria Pimentel.  She touched on a number of subjects but what piqued my interest was her answer to the question of What are the five most iconic accessories of all time?

Her answers: 

1. A classic Chanel 2.55 bag
2. An Hermès Constance bag
3. A gold Rolex
4. A Cartier Trinity ring
5. A Tod’s driving loafer

Agree?  Disagree?

They are all overwhelmingly popular.  But is a classic arbitrary?  Can't you decide what is classic and what isn't?  These are staples in many wardrobes.  I love each but don't know if I would want to own each.

A classic Chanel 2.55 bag.  Love them all.  Named for the month, February, and year, 1955, they were created.  Love them in every sense.  They will never go out of style.

An Hermes Constance bag.   Eh, nice.  I wouldn't carry one.  I am currently obsessed with a circa-1980's yellow and black Charles Jordan scalloped bag that I found in my mother's closet recently.  Very chic.  Yet tough to match.  I like the challenge.

A gold Rolex?  I actually have a couple.  My father owned a gallery for years and sold many Rolexes.  While popular, it wasn't his favorite watch.  He, and in turn I, have grown to love Piagets as our watch favorites.  I have owned classic Piaget Polos to more elaborate tiger's eye numbers and I can say they have never disappointed.

Cartier Trinity Ring?  Hello, lover.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I am seriously lusting after a Cartier Trinity Sauvage.  They are hard to find.  Trust me.  I've had my sister on the case for months.

A Tod's driver loafer.  Again, not so much.  I am not a fan of the loafer or really any shoe without a heel.  I think heels make women's legs look better from every single angle.

Final Thoughts
While I think Pimentel's list is solid, I would add an item or two.   
A Pucci scarf maybe.  I have collected them for years and think there is nothing better to accentuate a simple sheath dress.  They're sexy, stylish and the right pop of color.

Some pearl earrings perhaps.  They are classic, elegant, timeless and never go out of style.  I wear them whenever in doubt of a what accessory to add and they're never wrong.

The problem with Pimentel's list - you need some cash to acquire the pieces.  While they are investment quality items that can last a lifetime, you can still incorporate creative, elegant and less expensive accessories into a wardrobe and be just as chic.  It might take some time and effort but the end result, whether it be Cartier or another elegant wardrobe addition, if it makes you feel iconic it's worth the work.

Iconic stand-ins is a post for another day.