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That Sports Girl Media creates unique, multimedia content that tells your company's story, strengthens your brand and nurtures relationships with new and existing clients, patients and partners.  We ease the pain of the branding and communications process so you can focus on your core business. 

Gone are the days when focusing on one channel of communication is effective.  Simply putting a picture on a billboard or voicing a radio spot isn't enough.  For a truly effective communications strategy, you need to be in front of consumers in a way that connects with them, engages them and delivers content or an experience that resonates

Utilizing two decades of broadcast, print and online media expertise, we can help you achieve this. 

How?  A variety of ways: 
  • By developing a proven strategy that helps you maximize your social media participation. Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest?  Google+? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.  
  • Helping you produce engaging webcasts and online video programs that are professional, creative and engaging. 
  • Coaching your spokespeople to be comfortable and informative on-camera and in front of the press.
  • We can create original media content ranging from blog posts to help you gain organic traffic for your company's website to compelling video features that detail the inspiration behind a new product launch. We can execute those initiatives and everything else in between seamlessly.  
  • Need help identifying event marketing opportunities?  We know the marketplace and can help you determine what is right for your brand.  We have the people in place who can oversee their full-scale execution to create a memorable experience your clients won't forget.
  • Need a credible, recognizable authority who can communicate your story?  Dallas/Fort Worth viewers have welcomed Gina Miller into their homes for years. She's authentic, personable and a trusted voice. Watch her work here.  She even did the splits on live television as a dare to get Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams to return to Dallas.  Deron didn't come to play for the Mavs.  Gina did rock the splits.  
We also offer the following: 
  • A custom news curation service to help you use the news to grow your business
  • Crisis communications consulting
  • Messaging insight 
  • Executive speech and media training
  • Hosting and emceeing services
  • Strategy sessions
  • Pitch consulting services for public relations companies: Gina can tell you why your press release is getting deleted.

Please watch the presentation to find out more about our services.
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These are just a few of the brands we've helped: 

At we believe that getting the best out of life is a sport. For more information on how That Sports Girl Media can help your business, please click on "Consulting Services".