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ThatSportsGirl.com is the THE source for the fashionable fan so you can enjoy your favorite sports with knowledge and style. You won't see a lot of bows and ruffles here. We're focused on stylish, sophisticated looks that go can from work to the game to a night out. 

As a lifelong sportscaster, I've seen the good, bad and fugly when it comes to gameday style. I've also committed just about every gameday fashion faux pas there is: wearing hoochie shoes, drag queen makeup and too tight dresses. 

For gameday outfit inspiration, check out my Pinterest boardsGameDay Women's BoutiqueMen's Shop and Purse Policy Boutique where every handbag fits within the NFL's purse policy.

Hosting the Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft Coverage

Work with Gina Miller 

If you're looking for a brand spokesperson, webcast consultant, television journalist or corporate storyteller, I can help you and your company.

From producing informative and engaging sponsored posts like the ones we did for D&M Leasing to leveraging our more than 30,000 followers on social media and generating record traffic for your like we did for startup Campcite, we can tailor a variety of campaigns for your brand.

You can even serve as the title sponsor for our Google+ Hangouts. Watch Mickey & Miller's Cowboys Houra popular show we produced for the Dallas Cowboys that garnered a global audience. These are great marketing tools for your brand long after the Hangouts have concluded.

Want to take it a step further and create compelling videos to tell your company's story? We've done it for SMU, Bud Light, TCU and countless other brands. Our award-winning reporting skills can become your brand's best asset.

Whether it's corporate journalism, webcast consultation or a brand strategy session, learn how That Sports Girl Media can grow your business in a variety of ways.

Hire Gina Miller to Emcee Your Next Event

Looking for an engaging emcee to host your next event?  I have collaborated with the PGA Tour, American Heart Association, NFL, MLB and more.

Serving as a celebrity auctioneer at DIFFA 2013
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