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Covering a Dallas Maverick game at the American Airlines Center
Whether we're working, staying at home with the kids, traveling, trying to gain a foothold in a new career or just need a break, we all want the best out of life, don't we?  

That's the premise behind ThatSportsGirl.com: 

Getting the best out of life is a sport.  

Think of this site as your home for practical, realistic solutions for you and your family to help you get the absolute best out of every day with a focus on sports, healthy living, travel and fashion for the gym and your favorite sporting event (AKA "What to Wear to the Game?").  

It's a lot but you're smart.  You can handle it. 

A bit more about me:
I have spent years covering sports all over the world: Guam, Houston, Knoxville, Dallas and stops everywhere in between.  I currently host Cowboys Special Edition with Jerry Jones for the Dallas Cowboys.  Most recently, I anchored an hour-long sports talk show Monday through Friday on TXA21 (CBS-affiliate) and co-hosted Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars pre- and post-game shows throughout the year.

I have reported on just about everything.  Really.  Terrell Owens' accidental drug overdose?  Check.  I was the only reporter who saw him passed out on a gurney in Baylor hospital.  I've seen the Mavericks win NBA titles and suffer historic postseason collapses.  I've sucked at hockey, golf and even braved snakes in the studio for the sake of television.  In effort to help North Texans get healthy, I've powered through a bikini workout and boxed with a Mixed Martial Arts champion.   I also love a good bargain.  And then there was time I danced for Paws in the City and flat-out stunk but had the time of my life.

Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo
I love to travel and must admit: it is my favorite sport.  One of my life's goals it to live in an apartment in Barcelona's Casa Batllo for a year or the cliche pied a terre in Paris wouldn't suck either.

I'm also obsessed with trying to stay in shape and remain fit.  I helped create the Get Healthy Texas franchise at CBS11.  I broadcast my pregnancy workout to the world and did yoga hanging from a tree for the purpose of sharing creative and interesting health and fitness stories.  I've run half-marathons in Fort Worth, New Orleans, Jerusalem and everywhere in between.

I am in no way a fitness or exercise expert but I have a lifetime of athletic experience having played basketball, volleyball, softball and run track throughout my high school years. 

After college I put on some serious weight.  I was pushing two bills (that's 200 pounds).  I still exercised and worked out because that passion for exercise is something I've always had but I was eating a steady diet of M&M's and Mountain Dew.  Not good.

Since dropping more than 50 pounds, I've learned that no amount of exercise can sweat off an unhealthy diet.  It's all about balance.  In my view wellness incorporates a healthy body, healthy skin, healthy mind, healthy diet and a healthy home. 

Now that I have given birth to baby Jordan in October of 2011, I've learned a lot more about balance: professionally, personally and beyond.  I'm experiencing the joys of the new parent journey and learning so much in the process.

Interested in how I came up with the name, "That Sports Girl"?  Read this.

At ThatSportsGirl.com we believe that getting the best out of life is a sport. For more information on how That Sports Girl Media can help your business, please click on "Consulting Services".