Cartier, Louis Vuitton & Hermes Goodies

Friday, February 22, 2013

I adore the beauty, design and craftsmanship of prestige luxury brands as much as the next girl.  But the prices that accompany those finds can be staggering.

Sure, you can walk into a store and buy a great handbag by paying the full retail price.  That's almost easy.

Searching for a great piece to add to your collection and then scoring it for a song is like making a game winning shot with no time left on the clock.  There is a "thrill of the hunt" aspect when it comes to shopping.  It's definitely a sport.

I also love browsing my favorite online consignment sites which guarantee a product's authenticity.  It's virtual window shopping.

Here are some of my latest crushes:

Hermes Biscuit Massai from Ann's Fabulous Finds.  Big slouchy bags are great.  They're perfect for work as they hold everything: iPad, notebooks, makeup bags, jumbo bottle of hairspray, sippy cups, diapers and more.  These bags retail north of $3,000.  The $2,200 price is still super steep but this is a great investment bag that will be stylish forever.

This Louis Vuitton box bag is impractical yet so fun.  Can't you just see a woman wearing an outlandish hat and carrying it to a polo match.  I love it.  It's $550 at new consignment site Vaunte.

Speaking of LV, this is quite the fun cuff bracelet from Fashionphile, one of my favorite sites.  They also have a great physical showroom in Beverly Hills staffed by some fun, friendly individuals.  I have never before seen this bracelet.  It's a beautiful, colorful piece for Spring and Summer that costs $550.

This 90cm Hermes Les Boxes scarf is just gorgeous!  The detail on the horses is spectacular.  You can differentiate a thoroughbred from an Arabian.  The color is stunning.  FD Luxe did a thorough job detailing the labor and care that goes into creating one of these masterpieces.  It's another offering from Fashionphile that will run you $295 well below the $410(!!) retail price.  Considering Hermes has recently raised the price on their 90cm scarves up from $385, my scarf collection has truly appreciated more than my 401k.

This bracelet is beyond a crush.  It has been my obsession.  I fell in love with this classic Cartier Love bracelet, also from Ann's Fabulous Finds, the day it was posted.  It was originally listed for $7,600 but they have since dropped the price to $7,250.  I made a super lowball offer on it at which they laughed.  Looks like this is my bijoux version of Hugh Jackman - something I will just lust at from afar.  It's a great investment piece for the lucky buyer and a piece of jewelry that can be appreciated for generations.