Prada Shoes & a DVF Blouse for Less at the San Marcos Outlet

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You can get Prada and other luxury designed goods for pennies.  Really.  The outlet mall in San Marcos is the absolute real deal. 

Here are some pics of perhaps my best frugal find ever, these gorgeous Prada pumps that cost only $75.  I purchased them at the Prada outlet this weekend at the San Marcos Premium Outlets.  The pictures simply don't do them justice.

Turns out, my booties in the YouTube video only cost $150!
Here is also a picture of the Diane von Furstenberg top I scored for only $71.25.  Again, the snapshot doesn't do it justice.  It's something I can wear for a few seasons, dressed up or down depending on the accessories.


  1. first of all, i can't believe I watched this. Second, I'm certain that hard-working CBS 11 employee working behind you guys during your tandem video blog wanted to strangle you both. :) Gina is the hardest working woman in the game, but now I know half of that work is playtime with Tracy. Love you both, but gag me w/ a spoon. And yes, CoCo applied makeup on me today too. :) Pickett

  2. Thank you ladies!! funny! Love it!!