Weekend Sales You Can't Afford To Miss

Friday, July 25, 2014

I hope you had a wonderful week. I am drinking my way through the weekend spending the weekend in Napa for a friend's wedding. There is an outstanding outlet mall here that features Barneys and Michael Kors outlets as well as the obligatory Cole Haan, Banana Republic and the like. I scored a gorgeous Escada dress here a few years ago.

If you're looking to score a few deals yourself this weekend, here are some sales you can't miss:
If you need to ramp up your gameday outfits for college football season, don't miss my college football fashion guide. Almost every item featured is on sale.

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UT Misspells 'TEXAS' And It's Glorious

The University of Texas Sports Information Department dropped the ball in its 2014 media guide.

Instead of promoting its website TexasSports.com, a typo appears as footer at the bottom of every, single stinking page.

TexsaSports.com, anyone?

I get how easy it is to make a snafu like this one. Lord knows this blog is full of them. Call me petty, but I bet anyone who has had to deal with the UT Sports Information Department is doing the happy dance. They can be one of the more difficult PR staffs in the business. Just sayin....
Image via TexsaSports.com
Oklahoma fans are reveling in this, too. One OU fan has purchased the website TexsaSports.com and filled the page with logos like the one above.

Of course, there is the obligatory Twitter handle, too.

I love college football! 

Score A Fashion Touchdown With These Looks That Are Perfect For College Football Season

Thursday, July 24, 2014

If you're looking to build your fall wardrobe for college football season, NOW is the time to do it. From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to Tory Burch and Shopbop, there are so many crazy good sales right now. You can score some killer finds that will help you score a fashion touchdown.

When it comes to dressing for a fall football game, I like wearing branded gear but I also love building my wardrobe with team colors. That way, you can wear looks not only to a tailgate and the game but you can also wear them throughout the week at work or school.
Accessories are also a great way to support your favorite team. From these Baylor-yellow Kendra Scott earrings to a colorful Texas burnt orange Gigi New York purse, these work perfectly at any time.

Scroll through for a variety of looks that are perfect for your favorite school's season opener and beyond.

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Remembering Robert Newhouse

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anyone who has met or talked to Robert Newhouse for more than a minute has a story about the man whose halfback option pass to Golden Richards resulted in a touchdown in Super Bowl XII. It helped the Cowboys beat the Broncos 27-10 for their second Lombardi Trophy.

He was a part of Cowboys history. But for many of us, he was so much more. He was a man we were lucky enough to call a friend.

From revisiting the fields at Cal Lutheran College and reminiscing about Cowboys training camp in the 1970's to simply chatting with him in the hallways of Valley Ranch, House (as we all called him) was always willing to answer questions or offer a kind word.

Not Wanting To Let Down Coach Landry
Hearing him describe Cowboys training camp at Cal Lutheran College remains a highlight of my professional career. For a story for Cowboys TV in the early 2000's, I along with House, the late John Chang and Chris Behm visited CLC to get his impression of the Cowboys training camp home two decades later.

We walked the path House and his teammates took day after day from the dorms to the practice fields. He admitted that the path seemed longer and hotter during those training camp days in the 1970's than it actually was. We toured the exact dorm he shared with teammates. We saw the desk where he studied his playbook.

He described the pain his body felt during camp as he tried to get back in shape for the season. It was the soreness so many of us feel after pushing ourselves. He wouldn't let that pain stop him. He didn't want to be the player who let down Coach Landry by being a step slow in practice. He reiterated that "not disappointing Coach Landry concept" a number of times during our tour of CLC.

I am not sure that matters to many players today.

One Last Visit
The last time I saw Robert Newhouse was about two years ago. He suffered a stroke in 2010. He was not the strong man with those powerful running back's thighs we all grew to love. He didn't have the strength to be that man, yet he was true to who he was: kind, warm and generous.

Understanding this could be one of our final visits, I selfishly reminded him of some of the sillier experiences we've had: a random dinner with John and Chris at El Pollo Loco, coffee with a certain Pro Football Hall of Famer at the Beverly Hills Hotel along with countless Valley Ranch visits dominated by me pestering him about aspects of the game. He has helped me understand more about the NFL than I ever deserved to know.

It's so easy to romanticize those Cowboys players of the 1970's. I have had the good fortune of meeting most of them. They're all great guys. Robert Newhouse, though, was perhaps one of the best: a genuine man who cared. A person who made an impression. An impression that lasts a lifetime.

Best of #NSale: Activewear

If you haven't checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you're missing out. Through August 4th, the store discounts CURRENT items, not last season's goods. This is a great way to buy on-trend looks for fall for less.

I used to be a gym slob. Seriously, I would wear a ratty t-shirt I got for free at some baseball game and a grungy pair of shorts to workout. The thing is, I normally don't just go to the gym. I'm usually running errands afterwards and finally had the Come to Jesus with myself that I can't look like a slob all over north Texas.

Fashion as Motivation
Stylish activewear can also be motivation simply to get to the gym. If you dress better, you normally feel better. This applies to your workout look as well.

When I go to barre classes, I usually wear a tank top like this one. I like to bring along a pullover so that I am not too exposed or freezing cold in a store or restaurant after my workout.

It's worth a few minutes on your lunch break to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There are some crazy-good finds. Here are some of my favorite makeup bargains.

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Motivation Monday: Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday! Hope this helps you power through your exercise and diet decisions this week. I'll be keeping this in mind during a trip to Napa this weekend for a wedding. Talk about needing willpower and strength!

Diet And Fitness News You Need To Know
Want to burn more calories without even trying? Lower the temperature in your room while you sleep. Why does this work? Your body has to work to warm itself AND it can alter your levels of brown fat (AKA the good kind). Learn more about sleeping in a cold bedroom here.

Stressed? Eat to beat it. Avocados, oatmeal, raspberries and chocolate milk can lower your stress levels. Why? Because each food contains a stress-reducing property to help you feel better. Avocados contain stress-busting vitamin B while oatmeal helps with serotonin production. Read more here. 

Have a great week! 

#NSale Purse Policy-Approved Picks

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, sale, nordstrom, #NSale

Nordstrom's crazy good Anniversary Sale is in full swing. It's a perfect time to stock your wardrobe for fall. Why? Because these are not last season's goods. The sale features fall, pre-fall and other exclusives marked down until August 4th.

Their sale also features a few handbags like this Kate Spade crossbody that fits within the NFL's purse policy. Heading to a Cowboys game in Arlington this year? Remember your opaque bag needs to be no larger than 5.5" x 8.5".

 Purses Perfect For Football Season 

Scroll through for a selection of small bags both on sale and at full-retail price that are ideal for college and pro football games. Each of these bags fit within the Cowboys purse policy.

These bags are long enough to be worn as a crossbody so you can cheer for your favorite team WHILE holding a cocktail. Priorities, right?

Valentino Mini Rockstud
Valentino Mini Rockstud Crossbody

Can't get enough of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Check out my killer beauty buys and favorite makeup picks. Also, browse my Gameday Fashion board on Pinterest where I'm constantly posting outfit ideas and looks that can help you go to your next game in style.